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Insurance brokers versus buying insurance online – how do you choose?

Do you need an insurance broker?

These days with nearly every service and product available with a quick Google, why would you or your business have any need for an insurance broker?

Before we can answer that question, it’s worth making sure you understandwhat an insurance broker is, and what they do.

An insurance broker is a qualified professional that can give you advice on your insurance. We work on your behalf (not that of the insurer or underwriter). We review your unique circumstances, and help you understand your risks, and then recommend a tailored insurance solution.

The value of using an insurance broker.

You’re the specialist in running your business, and we’re the specialists in insuring it. We’ve spent years to achieve our qualifications through our studies and continuous education to maintain our insurance credentials so that we understand existing policy wordings inside and out (and how they compare to other policies) but also the latest trends and changes within insurance. We can help you understand what the policy is designed to cover, and what isn’t covered (what the exclusions are). Policies are not all the same – you may find some online that are really cheap but when it comes down to it, when you really need it, you may not even be covered for what you assumed you were. Unfortunately these differences in small print can mean a very different outcome when it comes to making a claim, and a few hours of Googling isn’t likely to cut it when it comes to understanding the fine print in your policy wording.

Buying insurance isn’t as exciting as buying a house or car or investing in your business, but it’s a layer of protection that most of us understand that we need. If you’ve ever experienced a claim, you might already have a good understanding of the value of a broker! You get the peace of mind that you have the right insurance solution in place, someone to advocate for you with the insurer and a lot less time on hold on the phone waiting to talk to a real person!

Just like using a professional accountant or lawyer, making sure that you get expert advice and assistance with your insurance can be well worth it – financially and so you can rest easy knowing you’re in good hands.

Why choose Western General Insurance to be your insurance broker?

If you haven’t used an insurance broker or Managed Insurance Solutions for your insurance needs previously, you may not be aware of the benefits we can bring you or your business. Here are some of the top reasons you should give us a call to discuss your insurance needs:

  • With two branches in the Western Victoria region, we’re part of YOUR community. We understand how you do business and your unique risks. We face the same ones. We’re not a nameless, faceless call centre.
  • We’re business owners helping other business owners. We’re family members helping other family members. We care about our clients and making sure they get a good insurance solution at a competitive price.
  • We’ve spent years to earn and maintain our qualifications and develop experience and understanding that cannot be matched through Googling insurance directly online yourself for a few hours.
  • We can access insurance solutions that aren’t available online, and in some cases are ONLY available through brokers.
  • We’re part of a network of nearly 350 authorised broker businesses called Community Broker Network (CBN). Through CBN, we’re able to access packages that are exclusively available through our network, that have been leveraged by CBN’s size and scale for the benefit of clients.
  • We attend ongoing learning and development to stay on top of emerging risks so we have the most up to date insurance information to respond to these changes.
  • If you have a difficult to place risk that you’ve not been able to find insurance you’re satisfied with, we have access to a wide range of insurers and underwriters, giving you the best chance of getting a reasonable deal.
  • If you need to make a claim you know we’re here for you, advocating for you and following up to make sure things are progressing, saving you time, hassle and heartache.

Get a quote from one of our insurance brokers.

Do you want a free, no-obligation quotation from one of our insurance brokers? You can even use it to give your insurance a good review and the confidence that you have good cover at a good price. Contact us today by clicking here or calling (03) 5382 0344.