Renter's insurance: A couple unpacking many moving boxes

Renters: protect your possessions with tenant’s insurance

Across some areas of Australia, the rental market continues to feel the lingering presence of prolonged lockdowns, and Victoria is certainly no exception. With opportunities to rent at cheaper prices in some areas, Aussies are choosing to take advantage while they can. If you’re one of the opportunists thinking of snatching up a bargain, make sure you don’t skimp on renter’s insurance.

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Grampians at sunset

12 days of Christmas – Horsham edition

At Western General Insurance, we’ve been looking after clients in the Horsham, Wimmera and greater western Victoria region for more than 30 years – so it’s no surprise we’re a big fan of this town and the region. In the spirit of Christmas, and potentially staying local this summer, we’ve put together a ’12 days of Christmas’-esque list of the things we love about this area. So here it is – the 12 days of Christmas, Horsham edition!

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Tradies: Protect your business with tool insurance

Incidents of tool theft occur all over Australia, with power tools being a key target for thieves. If you’re an Aussie tradie, you’ll know how valuable and essential your tools really are. If you were a victim of theft, would you be able to turn up the next day and keep working? The likely answer is no – most tradies can’t work without their supplies. Without tool insurance you would have to dig into your own savings to replace your tools.

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Is COVID-19 threatening your business?

Australian businesses have been urged to recognise the significant level of ransomware threat from cyber adversaries. Scamwatch has received over 3,900 scam reports mentioning the coronavirus with over $3.1 million in reported losses since the outbreak of COVID-19. Ransomware acts as a method of extortion, locking a computer’s content and displaying a message requiring victims to pay a ransom in order for them to regain access. The emails delivering ransomware to victims often mirror the branding of trusted and reputable corporations as part of their techniques.

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